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I want to help...but how?

What do I do if I see someone who may be homeless and could use some help? Send us an email or message. Let us know day, time, location and brief description of the individual. We will do our best to reach that area while on outreach. *If* you have engaged the individual and they need assistance, please give them this phone number: 414-369-3688. They will want to choose option 5. #StreetAngelsPhoneLine

Salvation Army: Behind the Scenes

We were very fortunate to have a behind the scenes tour of the Salvation Army Emergency Lodge this week. What an AMAZING shelter with an amazing staff. We met with the director to see how Street Angels can collaborate with the Salvation Army and we're beyond grateful for an added resource. We even got to see some of our friends who have found refuge there. THAT was exciting! Salvation Army is way more than shelter. They have on site respite care with physicians, on site mental health care, on site after school activities, on site employment assistance and so much more! #SalArmyShelter #ThankYouForBeingAwesome #WeAreGrateful

Sometimes "No" is The Best Answer

On outreach nights we do not deny anyone who comes to us hungry. But, we do ask that those who have a bed to sleep in only utilize our outreach services when absolutely necessary. We get it, a roof over your head and a mattress under your body does not mean a person is not struggling! Our long term goal however is to help people become more empowered over their own life by becoming more independent. Especially when receiving an opportunity for housing. We will offer lists of pantries, community meal sites, clothing banks, assistance budgeting their Quest/Food share etc. Quite a few have even come into volunteer with me at JOMM for a stipend/food benefit. We also assist with household items,

A Night on Outreach

I missed being out the prior week. It was the “bench” crew as Eva and Shelly were meeting up with new friends in new places with Hope2. Dan, Michael, Jeci and I headed out with hot pizzas and plenty of hearty lunches to see who was going to be in their regular spots. The night was like the others. Making our rounds, passing out food, seeing a couple of new faces. At a McDonalds stop, one of the largest, I was handing out lunches and some were to people that I knew couldn’t be sleeping in the cold on the streets. How do I tell them “no” you can’t have this. I ask them after giving them what felt like one of everything in the bus “where is your camp?”. They stutter and reply with a common name

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