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This picture is symbolic! Our friend, whom we've known for a long time out on the streets, just spent his first weekend in his new, fully furnished, apartment at St. Anthony's. Dreams. It was his dream to one day get off the streets. You all kept him alive, encouraged, and nourished with love to see this day! He has hopes and he has dreams. His wish is to continue making dream catchers, like the one hanging in his window, overlooking St. Ben's Capuchin Community Services. We are so grateful to be able to see photos like this! 📷 credit: Patricia Crerar who has spent the last few days helping our friend settle in. 😇🏡

Demand Right for Shelter

From a personal stand point, I feel when there are MILLIONS of dollars floating around to take care of the homeless/homelessness, the bulk of the responsibility should not fall on churches and volunteers when emergency shelter is needed EVERY YEAR to save lives. It is no surprise that WI winters will be brutal. I do not even have a car, but I work Angels as a second full time job because my passion for people outweighs my need for material things. To me, people have become more important than fancy shoes, jewelry, trolleys, Christmas lights and fancy new arenas. I think it is time for our elected officials to make our friends and neighbors a priority as well, all the way to the top! If it is

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