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It's like a war zone

It's like a warzone.

The first photo was taken on 9/8. Our friends who called the area under 794 didn't live in filth. Our friends kept their areas of the former camp neat and tidy, considering they were under a bridge. Garbage was contained to areas where the DOT would pick it up on scheduled days. Mats would line the outer doors of tents as if they said, "Welcome, Come In."

Tonight, it looked like a warzone. The friends who remain in the area say they didn't do this. They could pinpoint the 30th and 31st of October as to when they came back to find their tents and belongings strewn across the area. One friend told us of someone there assisting with "clearing the camp" dragging a tent only to find out there was someone still inside of it. Really?!

What was once, really a community of friends, friends who for once felt a sense of belonging and togetherness, who all shared in a combined effort to survive, is no more. It's a mess, all of it! ALL OF IT! It has filled us all with sadness, anger, and disappointment.

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