Our team is a diverse group of advocates who all have this in common: a desirE TO serve our friends in need with the dignity they deserve and to eliminate homelessness in Milwaukee.

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Eva Welch

Co-Founder and DirectoR

Fierce advocate, action activator, fun instigator. 

Studied psychology and earned her B.A. from Ottawa University. It was her passion for people that lead her to become one of the Co-Founders of Street Angels.

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Shelly Sarasin

Co-Founder and DirectoR

Relentless defender, tireless organizer, inventory guru. Met Eva serving at a warming shelter. Together, they co-founded Street Angels and expanded their mission of feeding and assisting our neighbors without homes. 

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Jan WilberG

Board President

Dr. Wilberg is our very own Milwaukee Business Journal "Woman of Influence," a member of the Milwaukee County Commission on Aging, and a community activist committing her 'golden years' to making as much good trouble as possible.

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Vicky Cordani

Board Vice President

Savvy marketer and strategic planner with corporate and nonprofit communications experience who can quickly churn out 100 burritos in addition to serving on local nonprofit educational boards.

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Dan GrelLinger

Board SecreTary

Data and I.T. expert extraodinaire and business owner who is passionate about keeping track of all of our friends on the streets in the hope of finding them housing. 

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Bill Budzien

Board Treasurer

The financial leader who ensures we make every single donated dollar count, who is impassioned about the work we do and currently serves as the CFO of the MRA.


Tina King

Board Member

As a public servant with a heart of gold, Tina brings a wealth of experience as a Human Services Professional, specializing in Crisis Management. She is also an avid volunteer, well respected business woman and mentor in the community that she passionately serves.

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Patricia Najera

Board Member

Dr. Najera is a sought-after community leader who's expertise in strategic planning, outreach, grant writing and urban development is crucial to guiding our strategic direction and operations. 


Monica Cail

Board Member

Milwaukee born and raised, Monica is an attorney with a passion for social justice, a love of humanity, and a whole lot of energy. She is committed to using her time on this planet to make life better for those around her. 

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Kenny Howard

Board Member

Kenny Howard is the Assistant Director and Business Manager of Capuchin Community Services and Site Manager of the St. Ben’s Community Meal Site.  Kenny loves his community and tries to live by the Franciscan Model of being a lesser brother to others.


Megan O'halloran

Board Member

Megan was raised in a family that lived the words of Pope Paul VI "if you want peace, work for justice." Uses experience in business and nonprofits to fight for justice in education and community. Full time soccer mom and mother of geeks. 


Melissa Brockie

Board Member

Melissa brings a wealth of experience in social work, focusing on behavioral health and homelessness/victim services for children, adults and families. Before her current role as Director of Family Services for Next Door, Melissa served as the director for a family homeless shelter in Phoenix. 

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Wenoka Smith

Board Member

An accomplished  Human Resources practitioner, Wenoka brings a wealth of skills and experience in HR and Leadership. She is not only well-respected in her profession, but also in the community as a devoted volunteer where serving  people and the communities where we live and work is her passion.

In Memorium

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Jeanne Lowry

Board Member

Jeanne was our beloved psychiatric nurse who was a career-long homelessness advocate. She was one of Milwaukee's first champions for mental health assistance for homeless friends when she helped establish SOAR.