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A Bit About Us


Street Angels is a mobile outreach organization assisting our neighbors without homes in bridging the gaps between homelessness and housing through support, advocacy and community collaboration. Founded in 2016 by two women who began voluntarily serving from the back of their cars, the organization has since grown to be a highly regarded leader in street outreach with two outreach buses serving 100-240 individuals three-nights per week. Street Angels has 2 Full-Time and 6 Part-Time staff members and an army of volunteers providing over 8,000 volunteer hours annually. Astoundingly, the entire mission is also privately funded through caring community members, foundations, corporations and local businesses.


Despite the best efforts of the local homeless services system, only a small number of unsheltered individuals can obtain shelter or housing on any given night. For many it can be very challenging to navigate resource systems to even attempt to connect to these opportunities. There is also the factor that many have lived trauma that may alienate them from seeking out traditional services. Through providing basic needs such as hot meals and warm clothing, Street Angels is able to form relationships and earn trust with individuals in order to assist them with getting connected to these services. Street Angels is there to support people during the interim, empower them to make positive changes and provide them with a little hope while advocating for them to receive services.

The outreach program focuses on those who are disconnected from services and living unsheltered in places not meant for human habitation. Staff and volunteers have two main goals, 1) To make an immediate impact through basic needs that prevent suffering from hunger or prolonged exposure to the elements, and 2) To make a long-term impact by advocating for individuals to get connected to services that can end their homelessness. Through assisting people in expanding their opportunities for resources, improving the quality of life by providing basic needs and providing an opportunity for community members to share their prosperity through donating and volunteering, Street Angels is creating a socially sustainable program with an end goal of ending homelessness, one friend at a time.

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