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Patient Dumping: Solutions needed for homeless discharges from hospitals

To address the recent issue of "patient dumping" in Milwaukee, WI. We have to start somewhere. No, it is not the hospitals responsibility to house the homeless. It is however their responsibility to ensure a safe and dignified discharge for all. For many people, at many times, there is no one to call and no where to go. Shelters are usually full, many who are mentally ill have been banned from available places, those with physical disabilities have no where that can accommodate their needs etc. We definitely need shelter reform, mental health care reform, stronger wrap around care, effective AODA options, dignified and humanized help. Again, not the hospitals responsibility, I get that. But,

Making It Count: Supporting "Point in time Count" in Milwaukee

Last night, we were able to provide a safe sleep for 72 individuals currently homeless in Milwaukee. Thank you to all who volunteered your time, making sure our friends were counted! Thanks to the Milwaukee Continuum of Care for allowing us to take part in such an important night. A few hours sleep today and it was back to the streets tonight. The streets were almost eerily quiet. We hope many of our friends are hunkered down, safe and warm. It's often hard leaving the warming station. It's there where we know they are safe and warm. It's there where we are nothing more than one big family. #TheseAreOurFriends #InvisibleInPlainSight #NewShoesThanksToTheCoC

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