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Building relationships with ones experiencing homelessness

Evening Street Outreach

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening, our team takes to the street to distribute life sustaining needs to our most vulnerable population. Street Angels provides food, water, clothing, hygiene items, blankets and other necessities to Milwaukee County’s homeless population. Street Angels is often the first responders to those in a homeless crisis and act as an extension cord to vital shelter/housing resources.

Partnering with local organizations for outreach

Daytime Outreach

As of October 2020, Street. Angels has partnered with West Allis Fire Department, Community Medical Services, Apostle Presbyterian Church and many other vital organizations to offer a "standing" outreach to those affected by homelessness, addiction, and hunger. These outreaches take place every Monday from 2-4pm on 70th & Greenfield and Wednesday 2-4pm on 76th & Orchard in front of Apostle Presbyterian Church.

As of February 2021, another daytime "standing" outreach was added in partnership with the Greenfield Fire Department, City of Greenfield, Salvation Army and many other organizations. This outreach takes place on Tuesdays, weekly from 10am-noon at 2900 W Cold Spring Road. 

These partnerships have broken down the barriers and silos and offer immediate resources to those in need. 

Working to close the gap on homelessness


Invisible in plain sight -- that's what it often means to be homeless in our society.  No where to go, and no voice to be heard.  We advocate to local government services on behalf of our friends in need. Follow our blog to see what we are doing to combat this problem.

What We Do

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