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I met a new friend today.

I met a new friend today, she was not doing too well. It was obvious she was suffering from sleep deprivation and there may have been some mental health and/or substance abuse issues as well. She showed up out of no where at another friends camp.

At first she seemed a little reluctant to talk with me and I thought she was going to walk away. But instead she turned around and fell into my arms and just began sobbing. As I stood there holding her I was assuring her everything would be ok. I told her I wanted her to rest until we come back in a few hours to bring her dinner and see how else we can help her. I then asked her to please wait for us and reiterated that we want to help her.

She stopped sobbing for a moment and stood back and looked at me and said very matter of factly, "What about you?"

I said "Yes, Me, I will come back to help you in just a few hours"

She got a little irritated and said "NO, what bout you? Who is gonna help you?"

Usually no one asks us that.... I was a little taken back but the word "God" came out of my mouth before I could even register the question, I said "God, God is helping me"

She then smiled and said "Will you tell him I have been a good girl" I said "I sure will sweet heart".

I walked her to a sleeping spot and covered her with a sleeping bag that our other friend quickly gave up for her. Before I even turned around she was asleep.

Here she is, not even a pair of shoes or socks on her feet, and she is concerned about others. The saying "What about you" has never been more powerful to me than it was in that moment.

She has made a huge impact on me, I hope she is still there when we get there this evening. <3 Every new face we meet is a new opportunity to not only give hope and love, but also to receive it <3 .

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