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Teach your children well

Thank you 4th and 5th graders at Walker Elementary School - WAWMand to our Hope Dealers, Therese Lyn and Jackie Collins Bro. Today's lesson: homelessness and empathy.

From Jackie:

"Today was so much fun! Thank you Walker Elementary 4th & 5th grade students & awesome teacher Jennifer Czysko! I had so much fun teaching about Homelessness & the mission of Street Angels with my dearest friend Therese Lyn! Therese had asked me if I would join her... ABSOLUTELY! I miss teaching!!! We started off the lesson with a Simulation of a situation and the goal is to avoid becoming homeless. Through a series of questions & choices... we lost.... and ended up Homeless.

The situations were very real... loss of job, serious illness, working but can’t afford housing.... and the choices that need to be made and the roadblocks endured....truly gave the kiddos a reality of how Homelessness exists.

What a sweet group of 50 kiddos so attentive and so inquisitive. They decided this Valentine’s day... they did not want to have a party with cupcakes, candy, valentines.... instead they want to decorate brown lunch bags and make lunches to be donated to Street Angels.....

Teach Empathy...teach love... teach compassion.... bring JOY.... our future is bright with these loving hearts."

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