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Restoring Dignity

I don't know how much hope I'd have left in me if I spent the night in a dumpster on one of the coldest nights this year.

He got in the car, hungry and tired, but alive and excited. "I'm getting a new job tomorrow. Gonna be making $13.50/hr!" We cheer and tell him congratulations!! Was it hope he held onto while watching the minutes that felt like hours on his phone 2 nights ago waiting for 5:30am to come, when McDonald's would open and he could thaw his frozen feet? Was it that HOPE that kept him alive?

He has hope tonight, thanks to places like St. Ben's who graciously open their doors and their hearts to keep people safe and warm.

Volunteers on the bus performed outreach. Meeting new friends and old, supplying them with life sustaining survival needs, thanks to your generosity. Simultaneously, an additional two vehicles were out, providing transport and refuge to the warming room. The gratitude was abundant!

Thanks, Street Angels!

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