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Demand Right for Shelter

From a personal stand point, I feel when there are MILLIONS of dollars floating around to take care of the homeless/homelessness, the bulk of the responsibility should not fall on churches and volunteers when emergency shelter is needed EVERY YEAR to save lives. It is no surprise that WI winters will be brutal.

I do not even have a car, but I work Angels as a second full time job because my passion for people outweighs my need for material things. To me, people have become more important than fancy shoes, jewelry, trolleys, Christmas lights and fancy new arenas. I think it is time for our elected officials to make our friends and neighbors a priority as well, all the way to the top!

If it is a crime to leave a dog outside in frigid temperatures, don't you think having adequate shelter for people when they may freeze to death should be high priority as well? I do, and I know a whole lot of other folks who feel the same. It is time to let it be known!

If you are with us on this please meet us at city hall Monday at 3:30 for a press event held by Alderman Bob Donovan & Alderman Mark Borkowski.

Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach

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