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Sometimes "No" is The Best Answer

On outreach nights we do not deny anyone who comes to us hungry. But, we do ask that those who have a bed to sleep in only utilize our outreach services when absolutely necessary.

We get it, a roof over your head and a mattress under your body does not mean a person is not struggling!

Our long term goal however is to help people become more empowered over their own life by becoming more independent. Especially when receiving an opportunity for housing.

We will offer lists of pantries, community meal sites, clothing banks, assistance budgeting their Quest/Food share etc. Quite a few have even come into volunteer with me at JOMM for a stipend/food benefit. We also assist with household items, employment needs (clothing, work boots, bus passes, etc.), starter food boxes when needed, and other basic help getting our friends set up once they receive housing and/or employment.

We try to help however we can. But, we have also learned that sometimes saying "No" and offering other solutions can teach self responsibility and offer a sense of pride and accomplishment for many.

<3 Thank you to all who support this mission.

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