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We Need To Do Better: Emergency Shelters Need More Funding

It's 18° outside tonight. That's 8° too 'warm' for a warming station for the homeless to be open. Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach has a warming room that is open at Ascension Lutheran Church when the temp is forecast to be 10° or below at night. 32° is FREEZING! Water freezes, people FREEZE....HUMAN BEINGS CAN AND WILL FREEZE TO DEATH. I received a call from the pastor of the church who borrows us space, that some of our friends showed up tonight. I had the duty of telling them they couldn't stay, because it was 8° too warm. One of our friends was sleeping soundly in the cubby on the basement floor, others gathered as I walked in begging for a place to go. All I could provide them was a bus pass, a McDonald's gift card and a hug for the road. Internally, I'm dying. It's not humane. Dear Milwaukee city leaders, County Executive Chris Abele, Mayor Tom Barrett, YOU have to do better. Next time I'm calling YOU to tell them it's too warm to stay. 30 seconds down the road, she sleeps, outside a church. #StayWokeMilwaukee #HomelessNotHopeless #10degrees #TheseAreOurFriends #InvisibleInPlainSight

— contacting Mayor Tom Barrett.

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